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Taurus 1911 issues

A few years ago I bought a 1911 Taurus. Second time to the range the safety fell out. 8 weeks later, I got it back. Off to the range again. This time the front sight walked right and if I had been using the thing to control an intruder, I would have been shooting the victim he might have had in his right arm! I tried to sight the gun in and lock the front sight better. No luck! Back to Taurus and another eight weeks later (and after a lot of arguing about the night sights they said could not be replaced), I finally got it back. They simply slapped another slide on it. Fortunately, it had night sights, but no serial number. The slide was not fitted and was sloppy. In spite of this, the gun is reasonably accurate. And I find it to be an economical "range toy"! I do NOT keep it at bedside. And I do NOT carry the damned thing. The next time it fails, I will fix it myself. I have MINIMAL gunsmithing experience. But I can do better than the jokers they've got in Miami throwing these things together. And I can probably buy QUALITY replacement parts for what the shipping might cost to return it. Another Taurus for me??? NEVER !!!! Especially after seeing the 13% reject stats here.....WOW!
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