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What’s in yer wallet nowadays?

It’s been a while since I saw one of these threads & they usually get some debate going so here goes.

We all have shooting/hunting/possibles bags, but what do we put in them?

I’ll start the game off. I started out with just the ’58 Remington so I didn’t really take too much (for me at least) stuff. However I added a carbine to the mix & that meant a lot of extra goodies to run both. Now I understand why those frontiersmen liked rifles & pistols in the same caliber! Here’s the current set of stuff with a list of what it all is. For a trip to the range I just shove everything into a small tackle box, as it’s so much more convenient to work from on a bench.

But sometimes I get to do several days in the woods just wandering about & plinking so this is my kit for several days shooting.

I make no pretence to being any kind of re-enactor, so I don’t try to be PC or HC with this stuff. I do try to keep the flavor of the period a little though so please consider that in any comments you may have.

1 .490" balls for Hawken
2 Lubed pre-cut 0.010" patches for Hawken
3 Nipple wrench/prick combo tool & wedge puller/hammer tool (behind pouch)
4 Lubed felt wads for '58 Remington
5 Multi-size screwdriver
6 Stuck ramrod puller bars
7 Big screwdriver
8 & 9 Caps for pistol & rifle ( will become magnums for all, but right now is 1 magnum & 1 regular #11)
10 Curved tip tweezers
11 Oil bottle with wand
12 Lg. powder measure for Hawken
13 Stiff bristle brush
14 Small powder measure for pistol
15 & 16 Cappers for rifle & pistol. Short holds 11 caps, long holds 17
17 Set of spare nipples for all
18 Bore lube (wunderlube 2000) Hey I'm just using it up.
19 40/60 Crisco/beeswax patch lube
20 Powder flask with FFFg ( I can also use FFg but everything seems happy with 3F)
21 Blow tube to breathe into bore without sticking my face in front. One end is black, the other white so I only put lips on the white end!
22 Poke with 3" patches, Q-tips & pipe cleaner sections
23 Rod tips. Jag, patch worm, ball puller & so on, stored in oiled patches so they don't rattle
24 Candle stub & waxed string. I smoke the front sights.
25 Short starter for Hawken
26 Target pasters
27 0.454" balls for '58 Remington

I take too much, I know, I always take too much of everything for everything I do, Amazingly it all fits into the double pouch shown, hangs on a strap, like the powder flask, or fits in a handy pocket if not.

I came up with a system a while back where I keep only the shooting stuff (balls, wads patches & so on) in the inner pocket, all the maintenance & care stuff goes in the outer tied down one, as it’s slower to access. This also keeps the clutter & Oi! do I have clutter, from interfering with the actual shooting.

So, what’s your load, with pictures maybe?
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