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Originally Posted by MLeake
Last time I saw UK crime statistics pop up in one of these threads, they wre solely focused on rates of crimes committed with firearms.

I don't think it requires mathematical nor statistical genius to realize that a nation that has effectively banned all handguns and most long guns won't see much gun crime.

On the other hand, I'd like to see a comparison of other violent crimes.
Murder in the US in 2010 versus Homicides in England and Wales in 2009/2010:

13% 37% Sharp Instrument
04% 09% Blunt Instrument
06% 22% Hiting, Kicking
02% 08% Strangulation
68% 07% Shooting
07% 17% Other

Since the British have such a low incidence of firearms deaths, I wonder whether they feel some degree of moral superiority as they cut, stab, bludgeon, beat, kick, strangle, poison, and burn each other to death?
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