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Spacecoast: I can tell you this: In 23 years of full time LE, I have only ever met one uniformed officer that disagreed with "civilian gun ownership". This man was a die hard liberal who somehow ended up in uniform. Trying to reason with him was an exercise in futility, but I kept trying. Other than that, in my experience, most folks in my chosen profession [at least, here in my part of the country] are overwhelmingly pro-gun. Common sense tells us that criminals were carrying concealed guns already, CCW laws notwithstanding. In fact, I've yet to meet a street punk who would be deterred from carrying a concealed gun by any kind of laws. We LE folks know that the citizen who went through the red tape and hassle to get that CCW license is most likely no threat to us. From what I've seen, LEOs who see it differently are usually high-ranking brass, currently on patrol in an office from 8-5, Monday through Friday.
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