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Model 60; +P safe?

Not new to the world of revolvers, but revisiting after a long hiatus.

Recently picked up an M60-7 from a friend...

He was somewhat unsure on the questions I asked, so I was hoping some here might be able to help (found this site after searching for info on the serial number...)

Basically, it appears to be a SS gun, but can I be sure from the serial number? There are a few small rust spots that I'd like to treat under the grips.

What's the best way to treat? Flitz? Vinegar? I've read some stuff, and while I do have flitz on hand, I don't have car wax (which apparently was step 2 of the protection after cleaning/polishing).

Also... Is this gun safe for +P loads? I don't think it's that old, but I really don't know enough about these S&W revolvers to be sure of anything really.

The numbers...


Sorry for the rant... Trying to learn as much as I can about this new technology...
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