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Seems like we always go to battle trained and equipt fot the last war.

TSA has us take off our shoes because of the shoe bomber,checks our underwear because iof the underwear bomber...

So now folks are filtering this good idea(the flaslight) through the context of being in a theatre mass shooting.That scenario does not apply to 99.9% of SD situations.Darkness and teargas preclude precise shooting,body armor preclude center of mass,and an AR with a 100 rd mag means there is not a lot of time to plan a strategy.Maybe,only maybe,an Audie Murphy ,or several,would have made some difference,but as the seconds ticked,folks were dying.This bad guy stopped himself.

I work nights alone and live by myself,that means if I want to get some face time with human beings I get a beer at a bar after work.

It happens occasionally that someone with junior high maturity gets drunk and wants to assert himself.

I'm not taking a gun in the bar,and besides,as another high profile case suggests,shooting an unarmed person who is on top of you beating you does not always work out well.

I'm 60 yrs old ,have some physical problems,and do not choose to go to ground with some 23 year old who picks trouble.

I carry a 200 lumen streamlight.If you do not believe it will help,go to a store the sells 200 lumen lights,point it in your own eyes at arms length,and take a shot.You will be quite visually impaired.

In a close encounter with an unarmed problem,the surprise/ light/blindness may give you an opportunity to disengage and leave,or wreck a knee.

Its a very good idea
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