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Re: Pond, James Pond in post #124

Last time I saw UK crime statistics pop up in one of these threads, they wre solely focused on rates of crimes committed with firearms.

I don't think it requires mathematical nor statistical genius to realize that a nation that has effectively banned all handguns and most long guns won't see much gun crime.

On the other hand, I'd like to see a comparison of other violent crimes.

Crimes committed with knives? Must be some, since the UK has been talking about knife control, to the extent of possibly limiting some larger kitchen knives to licensed chefs. (I don't think that one passed, but who knows?) Also, the UK apparently limits pocket knife blades to a maximum of 3". (A friend who spends a lot of time in England can't bring his Leatherman...)

I wonder what the assault rate is, in the birthplace of soccer hooliganism.

I wonder what the robbery rate is.

I wonder about the rape rate.

I suspect that, other than gun crime, the UK probably falls into very similar percentages with the US. Humans are humans, and have preyed upon one another for as long as there have been humans.
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