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Have any of you lucky son-of-a-guns with the pena HP been able to test these bullets with media? I've not seen the penta design until this post, and am very curious on how they would perform.
Someone did and posted pics. The pentas do not open as uniformly as the round ones, but they sure look good!
Well the expansion being what it is, has to be matched with alloy and velocity. Since most folks pour WW mixed with a bit of straight lead your still going to get a bit harder boolit than necessary due to some antimony possibly being in the mix.

In doing a BUNCH of research on what I might need to get my alloy to perform properly with some of these type boolits, I have come to the conclusion I am going to have to blend up something between a 16-1 and 25-1 lead/tin alloy.

There are plenty of pictures of different calibers in both the round and penta style HP's expanded quite nicely over on the Castboolits site. Since I am running loads which range form mid 900fps through a top end of 1350 for the 454, it will simply depend on how soft an alloy I can get by with before leading rears it's ugly head. I am hopeful however that by using something between the spread above that I can easily hit something which will hold together in my revolvers in a consistent manner. It sure would be nice to only have to blend up one alloy for them all, but I realize that with the differences in velocity, and the sizes of cavities this may not be the case.

As of now, I have been using some alloys which are around a 1/3/96, or 2.5/2.5/95, (tin/antimony/lead), and I have found it to simply be too brittle and while I get great expansion with some of the lower velocity rounds, anything higher than 1000fps will simply shed the noses in tiny pieces. While this may or may not be a bad thing when used for a hunting boolit, I would much rather have the noses rol back into a nice shroom shaped mass which should provide some excellent stopping power on both a deer or a hog.

In the coming couple of weeks, I will be blending up some alloys in the above mentioned range to see which one is going to give me something to work with. Hopefully I can get it done up and loads worked up before hunting season.
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