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Fitting a Kadet 2 kit onto a CZ-85B

Just got my first gun, a CZ-85B, as well as a Kadet kit. Unfortunately, I have run into a small snag... The slide fits perfectly, like a glove, from what I can tell right now anyway. The current problem lies in the slide stop; it seems to be the opposite of what I need.

The slide stop on the 85 (on the top) has two flat edges, but the Kadet (on the bottom) has one flat side and the rest is round.

Here's a picture:

Seem to be having a problem with the fitting on the Kadet kit but not with the slide but the slide stop. The CZ 85 slide stop has two flat sides whereas the Kadet has only one and the rest is rounded off.

Let's see if I can get the photo working.

What do I do to make this right?... I got the kit offline and the gun at the LGS, should I ask my LGS to fit it for me?

I am not that great at 'DIY' things, but if you can let me know what to do I will give it a try.
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