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Originally Posted by Glenn Meyer
Looks like the AK statement doesn't indicate push for new laws but a general look, blah, blah. Romney basically said the same thing.
I got that impression as well. To call for gun control right now would be political suicide. He's got to say something to appease folks. In this case, 1993 called, and they want their soundbite back.

Here's the thing. We're actually better off than we were four years ago when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. A lot better. Can the President take credit? No, but he can bring it up in debates. Consider this:

I know some of you had some reservations about my record on the 2nd Amendment when I took office. [wait for laughter from crowd] However, my stance on the issue has evolved. As President, I did not support, condone, or sign one piece of legislation to restrict your 2nd Amendment rights. In fact, I signed the only piece of pro-gun legislation to cross my desk. Heck, I got an "F" from the Brady Campaign!

In contrast, my opponent signed the only permanent Assault Weapons Ban in the country. Over to you, Mitt. Do tell us who deserves the NRA's endorsement more.
I think he's smart enough to keep that advantage at hand.

Don't get me wrong: I know he'd love to institute gun control, but he also knows that support in Congress is scant at best, and that the proposal would be disastrous.
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