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i take it you dont conceal carry? if so only when you go to bad neighborhoods and are expecting a gun fight?]

Nonsense. I have no reasons to go to bad neighborhoods. But I do carry concealed most of the time. That does not require that I wear a vest, carry several reloads, and a BU.
Let each do as he will. The OP asked what we thought, and I posted my thoughts.

I know a lot of LEOs, and none ever wear a vest off duty. Many of them do not carry off duty. I also know several retired LEOs, and none carry. Somehow they, plus many others of my acquaintance, have never needed a gun for SD. While there is a danger of attack most anywhere and anytime, the probabilities are extremely small if you avoid known dangerous areas, places, and situations. I am not going to build my life around such small probabilities.

It is so easy to get caught up in the "me too" mentality that there is a booger behind every bush. I don't let myself get caught up in that, and have lived a relatively long time without having to use a firearm in SD.

I wonder if the OP will ever permit his kids and wife to go to a theater without his presence? Or if he will buy each a vest so if there is a shooting they will be somewhat protected?

I often see conversations that the man will say he will not go to a mall, for instance, if he cannot carry. He is dedicated to protecting his family. So does he not permit his wife to go the same mall alone? Or anywhere that else if she does not carry?
If I thought a mall was so dangerous that I had to carry there I would always go with my wife when she went there. Isn't it just as dangerous with or without him?

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