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@Cowtowner It's not the FFL, states have the option of running their own systems in parallel with the NICS, that's what the charge is for. California and Nevada also have such systems.


Illinois: You first have to get a FOID(firearm owners ID) then there's a 3 day wait on handguns(I think 1 day on long guns). If you live in Chicago there's the additional step of the getting a CFP(Chicago firearms permit) then register each handgun purchased or moved into the city. You can only register 1 handgun per 30 days with the city. The total time to go from non-owner to first time owner can be a few months. Longer if you need to get a CFP also.

California: Handgun Safety Certificate to buy handguns (can be completed at time of purchase at most FFLs) 10 day wait on all firearms, 1 per 30 days for handguns, private party transfers must go through an FFL, however are exempt from the 1 per 30 rule in most jurisdictions. DROS fees(Cali background system). New residents must register handguns($19 per handgun) with the CADOJ.

Nevada: $25 background check fee(Waved with CCW permits issued after a certain date, I forget the date though). Mandatory(but free) handgun registration in Clark County, along with 3 day wait in Las Vegas unless you can show a blue card(the receipt from registration).

Jeez, I just can't get away from handgun registration!
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