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So to get this clear. If I:

1) Order an 80% lower, shipped directly to my house.
2) Stamp some logos and a fake serial number on it (to make it look nice)
3) Send it directly by mail to a shop to be anodized (no FFL transfer)
4) They send it directly back to me (since it's still an 80%)
5) I then mill out the FCG pocket to airsoft specs

Am I doing anything wrong?

Also, would I be able to send a marked and milled out airsoft lower to a shop for anodizing and then have it sent back to me directly or would that have to go through an FFL?

The part that kind of confuses me is there are many gas guns out there with lowers built to these specs that are sold openly in shops throughout the country and can be mailed with 0 restrictions or hassles and the ATF couldn't care less.
Yet if I make the same exact lower from an 80% forging, it's some kind of gray area. I mean the one I want to make and the one that's already on my gun are essentially the same exact thing except that one is cast (aluminum I think?) whereas this one would be forged.
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