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Thought About This For Awhile..Your Thoughts?

As a full-time uniformed LEO, anytime I'm at work, I wear my ballistic vest. With the way things are lately, I'm seriously considering wearing my body armor while on my own time as well. As I type this, I'm an hour away from taking my kids to the movie theater, and with what happened in Colorado recently, you can see why this decision is on my mind. In a lot of ways, I think this would make great sense in any case. I'm never without my off-duty weapon, and if the possibility exists [God forbid] for me to potentially need that weapon, it follows that I could also need the vest as well. On the other hand, most folks would think it overly paranoid on my part to go so far as to wear a vest while on my own time. BUT, at one time, it was also considered paranoid for off-duty LEOs to carry guns, and these days, it's the norm. What do you guys think? All input is appreciated, especially so from any of my fellow badge wearers. Thanks, y'all.
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