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It comes down to what fits you much drop at comb and at heel do you need...or do you need a parallel comb ...

remember the lighter the gun ...the more recoil you'll get ...although a gas gun will absorb a lot of the recoil as the action cycles. Inertia guns will give you a little more recoil ..but shoot cleaner than gas guns in general.

Browning / Winchester ...have the silver line of guns as well as the Maxus / and whatever Win calls their version .../ there are also still some of the old Gold model Brownings around in 12ga - even though they only make them in a 10ga now / Beretta has the A 400 and the 391 line ...

If I were you, I'd look at them all ...there are different stock dimensions / different weights / some come with 5 chokes - some don't .../ different finishes / different barrel lengths....

In a semi-auto ....for general clay target shooting ...I like a lighter gun - but when I go to a lighter gun, I go to a 30" barrel give me a longer sight plane. Too light...makes the gun whippy ...and I slap at targets vs a smooth follow thru ...the trick is finding that right mix for yourself.
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