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I've shipped every kind of muzzle loader by UPS and Fedex.
Fedex clearly told me that muzzle loaders are classified as "non-firearm weapons" which allows them to be shipped through most every local Fedex store.
They also told me to call the local store first to verify that it's okay with them which I've done.
Depending on which UPS clerk is working, they'll check the rules or call about anything questionable that's being shipped to determine its eligibility first and I've never had a muzzle loader rejected from a full UPS customer service center which is where the truck terminal is located.
UPS asks the shipper to declare the contents of the package while Fedex doesn't. But the same rules basically apply and that is that they are non-firearm weapons.
I've been through the same routine with nearly every local postal clerk too and so now most of them are aware of the rules about shipping them.
When there's a new clerk they will sometimes need to be instructed. But maybe the folks at the UPS national info. line are hit and miss when it comes to giving out the correct info..
The Fedex and the USPS info. line people are usually pretty accurate.

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