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So has anyone seen or heard of effective training other than the Mozambique drill we already talked about? You would think it was looked into by LE after the California shooting.
Well there are a variety of drills people learn in training. Not all would work here, such as shooting until the threat stops...which doesn't work if the threat is well protected with armor.

I assume that by the "California shooting," you mean BofA North Hollywood Bank Robbery. There strategy was to shoot the suspects in the head which was a failure for most of their 800 rounds as nobody could hit the suspects in the head, except the suspect. The next notion was a change of platform to rifles and even then the practice was to shoot the guy in the legs.

If handgun bullets could go through body armor, then the bullets would be illegal
There is no such law. The law does not mandate what the bullet can or cannot go through, but how it is constructed. In most legal aspects of armor, armor is "hard" armor. As noted, a 500 S&W will go through body armor just fine, soft armor, no problem.
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