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he's not made any statements or overtures towards banning anything. Until yesterday, they were right.
I agree with you Tom, up until 2 days ago, I wasn't sure Obama was that bad for us. He wasn't a staunch supporter, but he wasn't showing any signs of swinging the other way either. I was still leery, but certainly not concerned. Now I'm concerned (however, he wasn't getting my vote in November either way).

BTW - saw a 'Fudd' in the new just yesterday (or this morning maybe) when reading. He said exactly what Tom was just stating, to the T. I couldn't believe it. The guy said he loved guns but couldn't understand why anyone needs anything other than a 'hunting' type of gun and that legislation should ban the AR rifles. Wasn't sure the guy was even ok with hand guns. And this guy is "on our side"???
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