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BT, the militia saw has been debunked left and right.

Yes, the phrase is there.

Its meaning has been parsed to mean either argument - IE the militia at the time of the founders was not organized like today's National Guard, and its members were using firearms they already privately owned for the pro-2A types; or the "well-regulated" in modern terms argument for the antis.

But historical review of the comments of the framers; the Federalist Papers; and the predecessor Articles of Confederation show that the intent was for the Second Amendment to apply to individuals, as do all the other Amendments in the so-called "Bill of Rights." It was intended for the people to be able to defend against tyranny.

What you present as "a given" wasn't even how the militia phrase was interpreted until sometime after Woodrow Wilson took office.

But you are right about one thing - it has never mentioned "hunting."
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