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i believe getting a shot at more gun control has always been onthis presidents agenda. I think the fast and furious was supposed to be the path for them to make it an issue but it blew up in their faces, and thats why they are so quickly jumping on this aurora incident, its plan b. This will make his base happy and its a chance to further demonize the right, the NRA, all the "bitter people who clutch to their guns and their religion" (his words not mine).

Of course the media wont ever put forth some of the figures that have been presented in this post, the declining crime rates, how assault rifles play such a small part in crimes, how states with concealed carry laws enjoy much less violence.

You are always going to have incidents like this shooting, there is no way to stop it in a free society. Franklin said he who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. The older i get the smarter our founding fathers were.
"i got the most powerful gun in the .88 magnum. It shoots thru schools......"
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