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Tom Servo
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Obama's base hates guns.
You might be surprised. I know a few gun owners who voted for him. Their justification has been that he's not made any statements or overtures towards banning anything. Until yesterday, they were right.

Heck, we really are better than we were four years ago when it comes to 2A issues. Had he kept his mouth shut, the President could have taken that with him to the debates.

Finally, we all know Fudds out there who agree. These are the 2A's worst enemies. They appear on the news with their trap gun or deer rifle talking about how nobody needs those other guns.
The "Fudd" moniker is insulting and best avoided. Frankly, I can't remember seeing anyone like that in the news since the 2004 sunset.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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