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I know people have a visceral dislike of any attempts to control guns but, really, is what he said wrong?
The AK47 is a military weapon by design, and I doubt anyone wants them being used by criminals. I can't argue with either of those points.
Most folks want to prevent guns from getting into the hands of those who shouldn't have them but...
"military weapon by design..." Takes out far too many firearms...
Springfield 1903? Colt 1911? Browning's automatic rifle? Where will the line be drawn?

But the point of the matter is if I want to tote either an AK or AR variant with a hundred round drum rather than 5 20 rounders when I want to hike in jeans and a t shirt to a shootin' spot is a no brainer... But I wouldn't want the 100 rounder for life safety needs as I wouldn't find it reliable enough

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