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In the end, who do you think will be worse for gun owners?

The sitting president who has been rabidly anti-gun and continues to be so even though public opinion is not with him.


The other gun who has been rabidly anti-gun but is not so dense that he fails to see it is a losing proposition.

Not to mention the national stage is a different story. Not that I want to turn this into "Campaign Mitt HQ", but Romney has made it pretty clear that he sees things differently at the state level. He also had the state legislature to back him up. Mitt is a lot of things, but stupidly obstinate is not one of them.

Although, really, this is always an interesting and oh so pointless debate between the two candidates. I am not going to be voting based on their gun control record, sorry. I do think Mitt is much less likely than Barack to make a play against guns. He can see the writing on the wall.

To take it back to the matter at hand though, Obama is not even waiting until he has secured election to start talking about this. I think he is trying to take a page from the Clinton playbook, but doing it badly.
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