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I know people have a visceral dislike of any attempts to control guns but, really, is what he said wrong?

The AK47 is a military weapon by design, and I doubt anyone wants them being used by criminals. I can't argue with either of those points.

Now, to then say that preventing their sale will somehow make them less prevalent in the hands of crooks is a different story, but that is not what he said in that quote.

I don't have a horse in this race, but it seems to me that criminals having access to any guns is a bad thing.

For me the biggest issue is that the recent horrible events that no doubt lead to this statement, and those like them are not "gun" issues but "social" issues.

It is one aspect of modern politics that really annoys me, whoever the perpetrator: there is an attitude of being perceived as taking action is more important that actually addressing the issues.

In this case, the media, lobby groups etc are all wanting control of guns, when that is not the route cause, but it is the action that would be seen as being the most proactive...
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