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All I know is what I know. Nowhere can I find anything, in writing or otherwise, from UPS or FedEx that actually says they will accept a black powder replica REVOLVER for shipment from any unlicensed (FFL) person to another unlicensed (FFL) person. Simply citeing the ATF regulations does not change that and if you read the UPS rules you will not see REPLICA mentioned anywhere I can see. This dude told me that if it uses an explosion to propel a projectile then as far as UPS is concerned it is a firearm and if it is a handgun then the reciever has to be an FFL. Just because the ATF does not consider replicas to be firearms does not mean UPS cannot refuse to treat them as firearms. They make THEIR policies according to THEIR legal eagles and that is the name of that tune. I personally don't care who chooses to ignore this and uses UPS to ship from one person to another. I can tell you that UPS does check packages from time to time mainly for illegal drugs. I for one, am not going to be the one who gets accidently snared by some over zealous employee looking to make brownie points. As to what are they going to do about it?, I will not be the one to find out. I have better things to occupy my time than getting into a ******* match with UPS. What anyone else does is their business. I wish you well.

I checked with the post office and their regulations specifically say you CAN use them to mail replicas of antique guns that use black powder. Needless to say that is who I will be using from now on.
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