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Well, whether you like it or not, I used to shoot 1 to 1.25" groups, at 100 yards, with my Yugo M48b, regularly. The stock was in original military configuration, BUT glass-bedded by me (I developed a way to glass-bed these rifles successfully, even with the military stock).....the sights were irons, BUT a somewhat special configuration I developed (a front aperture sight, somewhat like a small globe sight, with the rear sight a U-notch to match the size of the aperture).....and my hand loads, BUT using pulled 198 grain FMJBT Yugo surplus military bullets.

So, you see, it CAN be done.

The best I could ever do with the standard military sights on the gun and with surplus ammo, was around 3" or more. Hand loads cut that to roughly 2" or so. Glass bedding the action and changing the sights made the rest of the difference. And, of course, I am talking about shooting from a bench, with the rifle in a rested position - not standing/ off-hand or something like that.
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