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Ruger M77 7mm Rem Mag

The gun has a stainless receiver and barrel. The gun has been in a house fire and the synthetic stock has been melted. The barrel looks straight and the action is free to move. The guy wants it repaired (new stock and whatever other parts it may need).

My concerns are: is it going to be safe to fire after being in a house fire?
is the metal going to be fatigued to the point of failure?
of course liability and getting my butt handed to me in court.
getting myself or someone hurt.

I know I could always just take the gun out and test fire it to see if it will hold up. And thats kinda what I'm thinking about doing. If it will hold up to shooting a few hot loads through the gun as is it should be fine to restore. If not it will be like a granade going off.

And just to be clear (I don't want people writing to tell me not to shoot the gun from the shoulder) I would put the gun in a lead sled, strap it down and lay sand bags over the gun, and fire with a string tyed to the trigger from a safe distance.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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