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Within the last couple of months I have purchased 6 shotguns, none of which I considered a keeper. Shotguns, in general sell cheap at the rural auctions I head to here in Hoosierlan. I then sell them to raise enough cash to buy keepers for myself.

For these Six ,
2 Mossberg 500's, a 12 and a 20 gauge, one with an extra slug barrel.
2 Escort Turkish 12 gauge pumps (short-barrel/long mag-tubes) flat Black finish great appearance, but dirt cheap,
A top break 16 gauge Iver Johnson single shot
A Chinese 12 gauge, external hammer Coach Gun,

I paid a total of $875 for the lot.

I don't consider any of these worth keeping. They aren't "Junk", but They will find new homes soon (3 already have). So this proves to me that "One Man's Trash, is another Man's Treasure" !!
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