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XLR5 is less expensive than the Benelli Super Sport ...listing at $ 2,199 today ...and selling for around $ 1925 in my area..../ and the XLR5's I saw were listing at around $ 1,900...unless I missed something.

I couldn't open your link ...but I've seen other reviews on it.../ and the models I've seen have way too much drop at the comb to suit me personally. It apparently has a quick cycling action ...but is it, 0.1 of a sec faster than others....not sure.../ but the Benelli Inertia system is plenty fast enough to suit me ( I don't sense any hesitation waiting for it to cycle / between shots ) I used to on the old Browning Auto 5's ...or even the Rem 1100's....but today, I think most of the gas guns ( Browning / Winchester with their new sytem, Beretta with their new systems ....are faster as well ).

I haven't seen anything - from any mfg / in terms of semi-auto shotguns ...that tells me to get rid of my Benelli Super Sport models....( even though the Super Sport is a little on the ugly side ...) its met or exceeded my expectations for a semi-auto.

Browning silver hunter a lot of gun for the money selling for around $ 900 too .....

Beretta 391 gold - parallel target semi auto lists at $ 1900 me that's a good option for a gas gun as well.

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