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Mommas Mindset

Seems like I should clear this up further. She has been a libral and against guns her entrie life up until recently. This started prior to the Colorado thing. I won't get into specifics however there was an incident with a student that got her thinking prior to her recent retirement. (She was planning to retire anyway so the incident didn't have anything to do with those plans.) I will only go as far as to say that the incident involved the student living in her same neighborhood and knowing where she lived.

That event is over for all pratical purpouses. (the young man met some LEO family members). It was her first realization that something could in fact go wrong in her quiet little suburban paradise.

She has stated repeatedly that she could and would do anything nessecary to protect herself or any of our family or close friends. She will not carry a weapon because she simply won't go where she feels like she needs one.

I have no doubt that god forbid she need it she would use anything available to protect herself up to and including deadly force.

She visits frequently and has come shooting with us every time she has been here. She has a great attitude (good teachers make good learners too). She has asked to borrow a gun for the house next time she comes. It is my intent to have purchased something already, function tested it to make sure it is satisfactory, and when she arrives pull it out as if I have had it for hunting for years and it is really just a loner.

As I said there are many LEO family members back home who have agreed to take her out more frequently and help her train with whatever I hand her.

Possibly that sheds some more light on the situation?

Regards, Vermonter
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