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One reason I dropped my FFL was the demand for me to advertise more and put up a business sign.
My insurance carrier requested I remove the beware of dog sign indicating it showed I had an idea the dog might bite.
The remote video cams are nice but unless you put the recorder in the attic and nail the access shut, a smart thief will steal the recorder also. Around here, they're an indicator that you have something worth protecting.
An alarm won't help much when the cops are 40 minutes away.
My place looks like an indigent lives here(close) and I'm not doing much to change that.
Since I'm retired, it's really difficult to tell if the place is occupied or not and a mistake might be fatal since I carry a firearm constantly. The guy from the water district walked through the yard to the house a couple of weeks ago and was surprised when I just appeared around the corner of the house. I suggested next time he came to drive in and honk.
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