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A friend talked me into shooting at an IDPA match a few weeks ago.

It was a lot of fun. But I knew I had no chance of wowing the crowd with my mad skilz so I just focused not having any procedurals.

First timers ... what a tremendous learning curve. There is so much going on and so much to pay attention to. I had never shot at a target while moving before. That was odd ...

I did OK ... I didn't get DQed and I hit a target or two. Only real coaching I got was to pull the gun from the holster more vertically and not cant it over before the muzzle clears the holster. I was getting really close to sweeping my leg.

And I have a bad habit of dropping the muzzle, pointing it at the ground in front of me.

Lots of learning occurred.

While it might not be my cup of tea to get neck deep in competition, it is certainly an opportuity to draw attention to weaknesses and bad habits.
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