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I still disagree. I have taken several non gun owning friends and family members to actual action shooting matches and they did great. I guess it all depends in who is giving them the safety and firearms orientation.

I personally choose not to discourage anyone from coming out and Shootibg a match with us.

I have found The Shooters with a little knowledge of firearms and a general idea of what they think is safe from either hunting or plinking at the farm to be the Shooters that don't understand the 180 rule the most. I see a lot of muzzle up and muzzle down as being confused for being safe. These Shooters have a tendency to break the 180 slightly because the gun is pointed up or down and not directly at something or someone. I make a point to reiterate that the 180 is up and down as well. Walking up range with your gun pointed up or down is ok when hunting but a big no no in a match.

I also see a lot of the old swinging of the Arms down and then back behind the shooter in frustration after they finish or finish trying to complete the course of fire.

I actually had to DQ my father-in-law at his first match because he finished Shooting then pointed the gun down and started to walk back up range before I could give the unload and show clear command.

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