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this is a training issue not an equipment one. Practice often, well and hard and carry a comforting gun not a comfortable one. End of story.
I agree. Learn the failure-to-stop (Mozambique) drill and practice often.

If I knew I was going up against someone who was possibly armored, and a rifle wasn't an option, the Tokarev would definitely be my first choice for a readily available and concealable firearm.

I was just reading an article in Soldier of Fortune about Carlos The Jackal and his use of a CZ 52 to ventilate a couple of French agents that went to question him. The rounds went through the agents, then the floor, then into the apartment below and then some.

I think Carl Drega also used a Tokarev and it whistled right through the armor the trooper he killed was wearing.

Minimal cross-section + high-velocity= penetration.
Herman Cain '12

Squished bugs on a windshield is proof the slow/heavy bullet theory works.

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