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The AZ carry laws are NOT specific to AZ residents, unlike the new Wyoming law. The WY ban on concealed carry by out-of-staters is almost certainly unconstitutional as states cannot discriminate against residents of other states - see also Ward v. Maryland 1870 and Saenz v. Roe 1999, both US Supremes.

Back to AZ.

The AZ concealed carry permit (or recognized reciprocity with another state's permit!) gives you three things so far:

1) The ability to carry in a place that serves alky so long as you keep it concealed and don't drink.

2) Faster access buying a gun (a non-issue for you).

3) The AZ permit is recognized by a lot of other states (also not an issue).

So, upshot is, without an AZ permit or a CCW permit from a state AZ recognizes, your main problem is no packing in any place that serves alky. Not just bars - the Chinese Buffet that serves the occasional beer is also a problem for you.

NOTE: there are proposals to put in campus carry for CCW permitholders only. This is likely the only way we'll get campus carry in the near future. This hasn't happened yet.
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