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Best pistol caliber vs body armor, NO Colorado posts!

THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT THE COLORADO SHOOTING! This thread is about what could be done to prepare if more mass muderers start to use body armor! Here is where I'm at. I currently carry a j-frame smith. Five shots of .38 special rounds is starting to look as weak to me as it did to LE back in the day. I'm perfectly prepared to do what's needed to carry something larger and heavier. Something that gave me some realistic shot if confronted with an armored opponent would be nice. Is it practical to carry an N frame smith? .44 specials in the chambers with .44 mags in a differently located speedloader maybe? Would .44 mags break ribs in those circumstances? I'm a BIG guy and can wear western vests or jackets to conceal. I've never pulled the trigger on full house.44 loads. Is anything even remotely concealable loaded that way likely to be out of my ability to use? One more thing. Has anyone seen any evidence or any studies about effective pistol rounds? In other words is this even possible?
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