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ask your optometrist about shooting specifically. make sure they really understand shooting.

i had lasik to correct nearsightedness. it was several months before i was shooting again at my previous level. for months i could not see the front sight well. my eyesight has stabilized now and i see the front sight well enough.

i can read the eye chart at 20/20 and half of it at 20/15. don't be misled by numbers like that. they are not a complete description of your vision at all.

even though i'm 20/20 i'm getting more farsighted. i can see the target, the front sight, the rear sight a bit. but i can't see the gun sharply when it's down in front of me. i can't see the controls or markings well. i certainly can no longer read fine print.

so now i no longer wear prescription glasses. but i always have two or three pairs of magnifiers/readers with me. driving is fine, but i can't see the radio controls well. and this is "perfect" or better than perfect vision.

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consider honestly what kind of shooter you are and what kind of results you want. shooting to qualify is a low-bar, no offense. it's not a that demanding. if you're average and you want to stay average you're probably fine. but's it possible to have a "successful correction" and not be able to perform at the level you're used to.

your age is factor, as was noted above. you're need for middle-aged reading glasses will come even with the surgery. if you're under 40, you might have many years of genuinely perfect vision before you feel it slipping.

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