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Flexing stock

Hi, today was the first time I took my American to the range. Another shooter helped me get on the paper target. I had a really hard time keeping the gun on the bullseye when trying to zero it. I want to blame the flexing the stock does above the bipod. When it flexes the target through the scope moves half the width of the target! I will try again using just sand bags to see if I can hold it steady. Ruger American 30-06. Blackhawk bipod 71BP06BK. BSA MD6-24x40 Scope. Winchester sand bags. Will try homemade kitty litter bags next time. I noticed this thread mentioned the flexing stock so that's why I replied. I await more posts in this interesting thread. Angel71, do you have difficulty holding the rifle still while the stock flexes on the bipod? How have you solved the problem? Thanks.

I went today and using sand bags let me adjust zero pretty good.

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