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Many were made by Marlin that I know of, also many imports from Spain and Belgium.
Most Marlins were actually of the tip up design, referring to the hinge being above the cylinder / top of frame. Here is a photo of a Marlin tip up bottom right. Its a XXX Standard revolver. Marlin never made a hammerless revolver.

While many companies made top breaks, (hinge on bottom, a better design than a tip up) S&Ws were the most famous. Here is one on top, a S&W 38 SA 1st model "baby russian" with a merwin and hulbert twist open below it.

Marlin did however make a top break (the model 1880 IIRC), and they are fairly rare. Cal 38 S&W. Essentially a S&W 38 DA copy. Here is the Marlin, top, (not mine) and one of my S&W 38 DAs bottom. Pretty much the same. I would like to own one of these 38 DA marlins if anyone has one. I also am looking for a Marlin 38 standard if anyone has one or knows where one is.

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