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I assume this is your hobby? those are amazing. What do you use to make them?
yep its just a hobby and my personal collection. i have no plans to sell them. im in los angeles and we have those stupid bullet buttons so i figured i can just mod my 10/22's to look like a centerfire EBR using gutted airsoft stocks. its legit. i called a los angeles BATFE and a supervisor of firearms at CA DOJ and ask the legality of doing this and both said im good to go. they just said to make sure to follow my local laws and that its not full auto, no SBR, no suppressor, etc. 10 round limits, 26" minimum overall length, 16" minimum barrel length.

i just use a dremel, JB weld, epoxy steel putty, extended bolts.

now i want to make my own stocks from scratch using 16-22 gauge sheet metal. im going to recreate the old WWII machine guns and some futuristic stocks specific for my 10/22

i just recently bought a lincoln welder, table vice grip, brake press(bends sheet metal to 90 degrees), power drill.

i just find a image of a gun i want to clone, trace it on my computer screen, cut it out and trace it on the sheet metal. either use a plasma cutter or cutting wheel. use the brake press to bend the metal. then weld brackets to it and bolt it all up. i can add extensions to the mag release, safety, and JB weld the 10/22 rotary mag to the fake magazine.

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