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Thanks kraigwy, personally I like the idea.

I know on many of the small boats in Viet Nam, . . . really powerful spotlights were on the boats just for that exact reason. They were no where near as much useful to find something as they were to blind someone you did not want shooting at you.

Pull up to a sampan you want to search, . . . pop the 1000w fore and aft lights on the people, . . . they look the other way, . . . and the side benefit is that you can see what the heck the hands were doing.

If I were in that theater, . . . my first piece of info I would have wanted was where the heck is HE, . . . and which way is HE looking. A flashlight might have been the thing to tell me that, . . . then I know which exit to take

Eyes are very sensitive, . . . especially in the dark, . . . a bright light will give the involuntary response of looking away.

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