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The most enjoyment I have ever had was bow hunting elk. In 1985 a friend of mine had a heart attack and I got to go on a guided hunt in his place. I killed a rag horn the first morning at daylight.

We asked the outfitter if he had ever taken anybody bow hunting and he had not. So, the next year we came bow hunting. He had a couple of guides. They were good old boys, but just as clueless as we were.

So, we cut a deal with the outfitter that we would come in Sept. when he was setting up his camp. We helped with the chores, but for the most part we didn't bother him and he didn't bother us.

It took us a couple of years to figure it out, but we got to where we could get in to the elk about every day. I think I have been within 100 yards of enough herd bulls to fill a transfer truck. Of course, getting within thirty or forty is harder but a rush like no other when you do. We hunted this way for about 10 years until that outfitter passed away. The new ones want to watch you like a hawk. Liability concerns I guess. I have a stack of photos. I should buy a scanner and post some of them some time.

As far as deer hunting, I do it about any way depending on the mood I am in. But, I spend more time bow hunting. It is pretty cool to sneak up on one close enough to kill it with a bow. But, I don't care much for this attitude some have that their way is somehow superior. The ones I have shot out of a stand taste about the same as near as I can tell.
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