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Sig P238

I have had my CHL for about 3 months, and after waking up to that horrible news a few days ago of the Colorado shooting, I decided I want to carry on a regular basis. My fullsized Sig 2022 wasn't going to cut it. Its summer, it was 108 degree outside yesterday, so I decided I will start with a pocket carry. I went with the Sig P238. It is "expensive" for a pocket carry (compared to a SW Bodyguard or LCP).

I love this gun so far. I put 112 rounds (.380) through it yesterday (100 Monarch JHP, and 12 Hornady Critical Defense). The gun is ultra accurate and recoil is less than I expected for such a small gun. After my next range outing I'll give a better review, but all in all, I'm happy to be carrying such a nice piece.

When the temperature dies down a bit I may look into getting a larger caliber to carry, but for now this is what I'm working with.

MY QUESTION: Is carrying this (in a pocket holster) in condition 1 the best option? I know for a 1911 that is what is considered the standard, is it the same with a game without a grip safety? Thanks!
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