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Flashlights, an interesting concept.

I was watching Fox News (don't get excited, this is not political) and Meagan Kelly had Brandon Webb (Formal Navy Seal and author of several books, The Red Circle, 21st Century Snipers, and others).

He was discussing methods of none lethal self defense in situations where you can't carry.

The subject had to do with the Theater Shooting but I'll not go into that.

He mentioned one of the best, non lethal items is a small personal tactical flash lights.

Depending on the quality, you can get one of those little LED flashlights not much bigger then a cigarette lighter that would blind any bandit at distances of your normal self defense situations. Even in daylight, but at night, much longer, giving you a chance to De De the area.

Something to think about.

I'd recommend going to the "tactical flashlight" store and trying some. See if you can temp. blind your self.

I got one of those little LED head bans that go on your hat and it works pretty good. Its blinding, but I bet those little flashlights would really do the job.

I know in the past, based my my hundreds of building searches while in LE I mentioned I don't like bright flashlights for that situation, but this is a completely different situation, they might come in handy.

It would only take blinding someone a few seconds to give you time to find cover and/or concealment. It would work (according to Webb) at night at an ATM or other situation where you might incounter bandits.

Careful, if you're like me, don't go "big". I find Big stays at home. They make super small ones that work as a key chain yet are super bright.
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