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I guess that most of my shotguns are junkers, but mine are "using" guns and I have very little attachment to them.

There's the Winchester Model 12, 20 gauge, that I got from a pawn shop. It has very little blueing left and sports a poly-choke. So far it's accounted for inumerable clay pigeons in the back pasture and fires everything I stuff into it.

Then there's my Winchester 1200 Ranger, a pump shotgun I got when I was pore-an-starvin'. It has accounted for tons of small game, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, and one deer that I recall. It fed a family of six during our pore-and-starvin' days and it looks like it. Again, it reliably shoots everything I stuff into the magazine. Never a glitch with it.

Then there's the Remington 870 that I've carried as a cruiser gun for almost two decades. It's got an 18 inch barrel with rifle sights and it was a constant companion during my patrol days. It still has the wood stock and I qualified with it last month. Of course, like the rest of my shotguns, it's all-beat-to-hell and gets cleaned twice a year.

One of these days I might like to get a nice Beretta or Browning double, something to take out at the range and show to the boys. Of course the problem is that I might treat it like a shotgun, and before long, it would be all-beat-to-hell.

Dennis Dezendorf
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