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A security system with cameras to see the other rooms from your bedroom would be a good choice.
Your wife's bedroom should have a strong, locking door and she should keep it closed and locked.

If there's trouble, one glance at the video monitor will tell you where and how many. You can use a cell phone to text/call your wife.

If she is not in danger and it is possible, either have her come to you or better, if possible, you go to her.

Either way, if you can both be safe and hunkered down, that's the way to go. It doesn't matter how long the police take if you're safe. If you're not safe, they can't be quick enough no matter how quick they are.

If you have cameras, they will have video of the perpetrators. Modern systems are no more expensive than a decent handgun. You can find factory refurbished, full-color, night-vision, 8 camera systems for $6-$800.
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