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Sometimes folks ( women and men ) ...aren't really sure what they will do if they are ever confronted by a dangerous threat...( which for most of us the experts say, in my opinion, is a statistical long shot ).....but maybe its just enough to impart the knowledge on how to manipulate a weapon ( load it, the controls on it, etc)...and fire it a little ....and get some familiarity with a weapon platform ( a pump shotgun, a semi-auto shotgun, an O/U shotgun, a revolver, a semi-auto handgun, a semi-auto rifle, a bolt action rifle, a lever action rifle....

then they can make the decision - do they want a gun in the home - where to store it, how to secure it, etc....or in their car/or do they want to carry and get a concealed weapons permit...and will they train with it fairly often ( at least a couple of times a month ) so they maintain their proficiency.

While many of us on this forum - may choose to carry a gun / or have a home defense gun that suits us ....when it comes to advising others, even spouses, I think its important to expose them to weapons systems...and let them work a lot of this other stuff out ...and when it comes to picking a defensive gun / let them pick what suits them - not what suits you.

example: a friend's wife - carries a small .22 revolver.../ she's tried a lot of guns / hand strength, etc isn't there ( she's only 60 yrs old ) ...but its her reality. She wants to carry something - and she practices a couple times a month with it / and she's tactically accurate with it out to 21 Ft. But she freely admits - she is not certain if she would ever pull it / not sure she could shoot it at a person....but its her right to carry it / and she does it responsibly and safely in my opinion - and that is ok in my mind. Would I choose that weapon - no, but it doesn't matter what I'd do ---its her choice.
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