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Very good to hear different points of view. I will have to admit that after 4.5 years in the USMC and having written five books on the martial arts, waiting for the Cavalry to arrive isn't in my DNA. You guys saw immediately that that didn't even entered my mind...which is a flaw in my thinking in this case. I could easily become my own worst enemy. So I'm thinking things through, trying to tap into guys like you who have been at the "thinking it through" process for a while.

I'd love to take a good course. If I can find one, I will. In the mean time, I'm trying to picture myself hunkered down in the corner of my room with bad guys pounding around in the house and my wife in another room. My plan for her was to grab the taser I got for her, get on the other side of her bed and hide. But I'm not sure how much time that would buy her... while I'm on the phone having a conversation with the local constabulary.
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