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Not all situations are the same.

We tend to think of home envisions as giving you a chance to "hunker down" call for and wait for help.

Not all of use live in town. On a good day, if the sheriff deputies are on my side of the county, I can expect them in about 30 minutes.

That's if all the stars are in perfect alignment.

In reality, that don't work. First off, if I come home and find indications that someone is in my house, I can't call 911. Phone's in the house and my cell phone doesn't work in this canyon (unless I'm next to the repeater or booster which is also in the house).

I think more along the lines of someone kicking in my door while I'm in my chair watching TV or playing on my lap top.

Where I set I can see both doors and always have my revolver in my pocket.

My bedroom is at the end of the house, and from my door I can look out and see most of the house and my pants, w/my revolver is hanging on the bed post in arms reach.

No kids. just wife and me.

My daughter (who lives on the west coast) has the prefect set up. She has a large house, all kinds of alarms and cameras. Her bedroom is set up where she has phones and can hunker down behind a huge bed which gives her cover and clear view of the door.

In setting her up, I told her to get her gun and phone, stay behind the bed and wait. She can monitor the whole house, and inform responding officers the location of any bandits. I told her to leave the phone on after calling 911, to guide the cops through the house and she can tell if and when the cops come to her bedroom door.

If she has a break in when she's gone, she can monitor activities via her cell phone. She can guide the cops through the house while drinking coffee at a near by Star bucks.

Like I said, she's got a perfect set up. I don't, I'm on my own.

But most of use are somewhere in between. Not all of us, (including me) can afford such a set up as my daughter has. And not all of us live in the country like I do.

Every situation is different. There is no one size fits all.
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