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Beretta Trigger Sluggish

I am new to the forums, so I apologize if this isn't the correct place for my question.

I have a Beretta Model 92FS Vertec, Cal. 9MM Parabellum semi-auto that is supposedly from an ex-FBI agent. Anyway, the weapon is sweet and dead-on accurate. However, the trigger, to me, seems sluggish and requires more than normal pressure to engage. That is, if I cock the hammer and begin to squeeze the trigger, I am met with almost no resistance for the first half of the pull. Once I meet some resistance, I continue squeezing and it takes the trigger all the way to the back of the trigger guard before it finally clicks.

Assuming this makes any sense, what is the remedy for this? I'm not looking for a hair trigger response, but I am looking for something that doesn't require me to squeeze the trigger from front to back with so much pressure required. If the weapon is designed to be this way, please say so and I'll adjust. I have it for personal protection and occasional target practice.

I appreciate any input.
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